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Kunst des Lebens Poster

Kunst des Lebens

Svea teilt eine bescheidene Wohnung mit ihrer drogenabhängigen Mutter und sucht Trost in der Schule und im Skaterpark. Ihr bester Freund ... mehr anzeigen

The Good and The Evil Poster

The Good and The Evil

After two siblings disappeared from a lumberjack village in 1923, mysterious things ...show more

Dysyoutubia Poster


Topia and her boyfriend Noah are young YouTubers and come from artistic families. Always online ... show more

Wating for What Poster

Waiting for What ?

In a seemingly normal office building, four people are waiting for their one lifechanging ... show more

 Marie auf dem Mond Poster

Marie auf dem Mond

Marie has already achieved a lot: As a rising astrophysicist, she fulfills her dream of ... show more

Wolff Poster


Kurt Wolff, 67, an invalid miner who lives in the "hegemonic" system, is officially obliged by ... show more

Lured In Poster

Lured In

A seemingly normal afternoon suddenly takes an unexpected turn ... show more

Zwischenstopp Poster


On her forty-third birthday, an elevator transports Monika, an office worker, to a movie theater ...show more